Violet Deer

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Name: Violet Deer

Clan: Nosferatu (Status 0)

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Known Information

Violet has been a resident in Cambridge for as long as anyone awake or residing in the Domain can remember. She disappears for a few years at a time but always returns. She is a proud member of the Nosferatu clan and quite well known within the Cambridge Domain and by frequent visitors for being an outspoken individual. She manages to maintain a high City Status without ever holding a court position.

Violet has been interested in plants and animals since she was mortal, something that influenced her belief system a great deal. She is an accomplished Botanist having collected and cultivated a wide variety of plants, through a variety of sources over a great many years. Her collection of night bloomers and hybrids is one rarely seen outside botanical gardens.

When Violet actually remembers to celebrate her "holy days" they tend to be more benign Wiccan style ceremonies. She is heartily agreeable to any Crones from other Domains attending Cambridge and will invite anyone who is willing to join to come for a barefoot run through the woods on the full moon to celebrate.

Rumors and Half Truths

It is rumored that Violet has been aiding Sophia of York with the gardens surrounding the new Centre of Crone learning.

Violet has been overheard telling Tiberius to remove the pole from his arse and take a seat.

Her sire is a somewhat renegade member of the Lancea Sanctum coventant that could possibly be responsible for several murders in the Cambridge area that had another member of the Covenant (Algenon Steele) dusted by Archbishop Tiberius and Victor Van Damme.

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